Boyne river walk

Not looped | 11.37 km | Co. Louth | Moderate walk

Created by Shanks Mare

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The Boyne Towpath - Oldbridge

Looped walk | 6.60 km | Co. Louth | Moderate walk

Boyne river walk

Not looped | 11.37 km | Co. Louth | Moderate walk


Not looped | 1.79 km | Co. Louth | Hard walk

light to dark

Not looped | 4.83 km | Co. Louth | Hard walk

lorraines house

Not looped | 4.22 km | Co. Louth | Hard walk

Trail Description

A very attractive walk along the banks of the historic boyne. Parking at Oldbridge house is free - you then walk back along the road to access the boyne navigation canal which runs along sections of the river which are not navigable. After a short stretch you encounter a series of WW2 pill boxes facing north - to counter a possible WW2 British invasion I believe. This is a beautiful walk in late spring or late Autumn with plenty of abandoned locks, ruins and other canal features to admire. And it is very quiet for long stretches. You can walk as the Newgrange visitor centre (but cannot access it from the trail) and then retrace your steps back to Oldbridge. On the way back you can access Oldbridge house grounds by going through a green metal gate just after you pass the last of the pillboxes Warnings. 1. This is not a walk to attempt during wet weather as the path is right beside the river and can be very muddy (and slippery) - the Boyne is a deep and dangerous water if you are not a good swimmer. 2. After any sort of decent rain the river will flood the path making it impassable anyway. 3. In addition at least two parts of the walk are difficult due to fallen trees which make a detour through heavy undergrowth a necessity. Time - about 2.5 to 4 hours depending on difficulty and stops to admire the views.

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Great info, thanks Shanks!

Posted by TheInsideMan on February 6th, 2012 - 16:02:15

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