Pollardstown Fen

Not looped | 20.79 km | Co. Kildare | Moderate walk

Created by Shanks Mare

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Pollardstown Fen

Not looped | 20.79 km | Co. Kildare | Moderate walk

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Donadea - Mahers walk

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Donadea Forest Park

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Trail Description

Park at CrossPatrick cemetary near Kilmeague. You can start the walk from Robertstown, but this adds a number of extra miles to the walk. Time - about 5 hours at a reasonable pace. Description - Head north up the road and turn left at the t junction. It's downhill all the way to the milltown feeder canal. At the canal turn left again onto a very muddy towpath (gaiters recommended). Follow the towpath until you come to a small tarmac road. Just before the road you will pass by a very strange rickety wooden footbridge over the feeder canal - it looks like some thing Wil-e-coyote would construct for one of his schemes to catch the road runner. Further on you will pass a greyhound farm and in the distance you will see a stone bridge. Cross this bridge to the other side as the left hand side path peters out a bit later. You will probably notice that neither of these bridges are marked on the OSI map. Around the next bend you will be on a quiet tarmac road, all the way until you meet a fairly busy road. Cross the road and make sure to get on the left hand towpath - the right hand path peters out a few 100 metres on. The next few km are a very pleasent stroll along a quiet and meandering stretch of the feeder canal until you reach the outskirts of Milltown. Here there is another stone bridge - you can stay on either side of the canal at this point but you might want to cross the bridge to examine the impressive ruins of the old mill and then continue on your way to the next bridge which is also where you can wet your whistle at the hanged man pub - there is a general store at the top of the road if you need other stuff. Now it is just a matter of sticking to the left hand side of the canal all the way to the very end. The feeder canal branches off at least twice becoming ever more narrow which each branch until it ends at a small group of trees and a fence. Apparently this part of the route is a great place to spot birds during the winter months. Now simply retrace your route all the way back as far as the greyhound farm - there is a tarmac road heading up beside the farm - this winds up through a small wood until you eventually reach a T junction. Take the dirt track on your left as it winds up to the top of the hill and you are back at the cemetary and your starting point. The only downer here is just before the cemetary there is an illegal fly-tip dump containing among many things a medium sized mound of used nappies and other items - I naturally did not investigate too closely. Thankfully you cannot see the dump from around the corner and there is a great view west from the vantage point here. Its only a small hill (300 ft) but the surrounding landscape is exceedingly flat so it feels much higher. Rated as average rather then easy as although it is quite flat, it is a good distance and the towpaths can be very muddy during wet weather.

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