Lough Tay to Lough Dan

Looped walk | 11.87 km | Co. Wicklow | Moderate walk

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The Cliff Walk

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Deputy's Pass

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Turlough Hill

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Fancy Mountain / Lough Tay

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The J.B. Malone Memorial Trail

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The Bohernabrenna Reservoirs

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Kilmashogue Loop

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Mullaghcleevaun from Oasis

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Tibradden Mountain Rathfarnham

Looped walk | 1.20 km | Co. Dublin | Easy walk | Public Transport

Trail Description

Car park space is found along the road at 'Luggala' point on the map. Follow the path down the hill to the summit of Fancy/Luggala mtn. You can go right up the mtn to get great view over lough Tay or straight/left towards Lough Dan (red marker). The area between Fancy mountain and the southern peak beside Lough Dan is without path (that we could find). Great views from both peaks and it's possible to do a shorter loop than the one indicated or only do one peak. There is a path on the lower ground areas but as you go uphill the terrain gets rougher.

Trail Comments

This is beautiful trail although it's quite long and the walk up to Luggala is pretty hard but the view is great.

Posted by vikkthor on June 23rd, 2017 - 22:30:57

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