Mt. Hillary Loop

Looped walk | 13.79 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Created by bertieharte

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Trail Description

This is last of the three looped walks on Mt. Hillary, near Banteer Co. Cork. This is the red loop and the route is marked by RED arrows. At close to 11km this is the longest of the three looped walks, the section at the top is over exposed ground with some very rocky sections and a lot of deep rutting following forest operations. The area near the summit has also been clear-felled so there is no protection from the elements (Jan 2013). Having said that, this is the most rewarding of the loops, the views from the summit are great with a panorama taking in Cork to the south and the ranges of Kerry are visible to the west on a clear day. If you are adventurous, or have a torch their is a nice sunset vista looking west to Millstreet and on into Co. Kerry. It is well worth an evening trek and even in darkness the route down is easily followed, on good forest roads. Because of the surface near the summit this route is not family friendly for buggies or bikes. It is also the most strenuous of the walks on the mountain but still only a moderate walk, no specialist footwear is required but I would advise dress for mud and puddles after a spell of rain as the top section does hold a lot of water, in ankle deep pools which can't be avoided. Ample parking at trail-head, additional parking about 800mtrs further along the road and you can start from there as well by going straight up the track and joining the main track

Trail Comments

Did this walk on August 6, 2016. I did the loop the wrong way. As you enter the trail there is no way post to tell you to go right. Also getting to the start of the trail took me some time so here are some directions: 1. From the R579 between Nad and Banteer look for a brown sign post "Trail Head" and L5252. 2. Follow this road for about 3.6km, look for the trail head on the right.

Posted by ghooton on August 8th, 2016 - 12:55:21

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