Larganmore Loop

Looped walk | 9.91 km | Co. Mayo | Moderate walk

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Larganmore Loop

Looped walk | 9.91 km | Co. Mayo | Moderate walk

Trail Description

This walk starts at Teampall Maoill cemetery and heads over the stone bridge on the Yellow River and follows the road to the right uphill towards Church Park. Keep your eyes open for the Walking man sign on the right which will direct you through a gate on the left hand side of the road and onto a rutted track leading uphill and over a stile onto the mountainside. There are white marker poles showing the route up the side of the hill to the summit where there are spectacular views in all directions. The ground underfoot can be very wet and boggy, so good waterproof boots and gaiters are essential. There is a picnic bench near the summit which is the perfect spot for lunch. The descent follows a clear trail down to the road where you turn left and head downhill towards Rooskey Lough. As you come down to the level of the Lough take the left hand turn and follow this road around until it meets a laneway going off to the left. Follow this lane to the main road and almost immediately veer left again onto a narrow road which will lead you back to the start point at the cemetery.

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