Knocksink woods exploration.

Looped walk | 2.21 km | | Moderate walk | Public Transport

Created by Shanks Mare

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City centre run/walk

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Mullaghcleevaun from Oasis

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Trail Description

An interesting ramble in two parts – first is a gentle stroll through woods of oak, beech, maple etc, followed by a more difficult and testing ramble by the river itself. Part 1 – Easy! Park up at the nature reserve car park and follow the marked trail through the woods. This is an beautiful walk and very easy, it being all flat and gentle. Much of the trail runs by the dark and peaty waters of the river. Can be a bit muddy in places. 30 minutes in total for this section, but there are lots of little side trails to explore also to extend your time. Part 2 – Difficult! The second part is a bit more "adventurous" and wild – from the car park take the trail on your right and follow the boardwalk until it reaches a shallow pond. Leave the boardwalk here and follow the path alongside the river. At this point the river is starting to carve out a gorge and there are lots of interesting deep pools and such – but after a short while the trail starts to hug the river, about 10 or more feet high. A slip here could be painful so I’d avoid this stretch during very wet weather. After a few minutes you will reach a set of steps heading down to some bar rocks by the river – ahead you will see a narrow path that curves behind the exposed tree root of a fallen tree – take this. This leads into an open area (and a nice spot for a picnic). From here you can escape up onto the access road. Otherwise continue on and eventually you start to follow the trail upwards (the trail peters out around here – look to the left and you will notice a large white trunk of an oak. This is your way up. The tiny trail up is very steep indeed and the going underfoot very loose. Perhaps a better option would be to retrace the trail back to the car park. Otherwise you come out onto the access road – turn left and walk back to the car park. This walk is accessible by public transport - 44 bus from Dublin, 185 bus from Bray.

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