Donadea - Mahers walk

Looped walk | 8.11 km | | Easy walk

Created by Shanks Mare

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Trail Description

Park in Donadea forest park (cost €5 – coins only) and head through the woods towards the Range entry point. Here is a terrace of very attractive buildings I suspect where once houses for the estate workers. Head along this very attractive tree and hedgerow lined road. Further on there is a burial ground on your left that appears to contain only a few graves (was not able to get in on the day as the gate was closed and my back was a bit stiff, so no wall hopping). Next up is the strange “Mahers Cottage” a tiny and dimly lit 3 room abode that is apparently open to the public – worth popping in for a look if only to see how farmers lived in the days before plumbing and electricity. It is empty apart from a small table and two mirrors. A little further on is the swing gates for the holy well – worth a visit but make sure the bull is not in the field. Continue to follow this quite road – after a few miles you will be out on the main road. Turn right here and walk back towards Donadea – stopping to admire Roches pub (or the crooked house as I call it, due to the strange warped and uneven walls – bog subsidence?). Next up is Connollys pub and a strange townland sign “Newtownmoneenluggagh” which is on the list of longest place names in Ireland. At this crossroad, head south until you are back at the Range – retrace your steps back through Donadea park. This is a nice, flat walk, very attractive scenary with only the section from Roches pub to Connollys pub being fairly busy. You can extend the walk by exploring the excellent Donadea park. I will upload my photo’s over the next week or so.

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