Beara Briefne Way Day 4 Glengarriff to Gougane Barra

Not looped | 32.00 km | | Hard walk | Public Transport

Created by Ml Moroney

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Devils Punch Bowl

Not looped | 4.17 km | Co. Kerry | Easy walk

Mangerton Lake / Devil's Punchbowl loop

Looped walk | 3.54 km | Co. Kerry | Easy walk

Gougane barra loop

Looped walk | 5.25 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Big meadow walk

Looped walk | 4.06 km | Co. Cork | Easy walk

Esknamucky walk glengarriff

Looped walk | 5.98 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Gougane barra slí sleibhe

Looped walk | 6.48 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Póc an tarbh loop walk

Looped walk | 11.24 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Srón na Gaoithe

Looped walk | 9.86 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk


Looped walk | 5.91 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Cappagh Glen

Not looped | 14.47 km | Co. Kerry | Moderate walk

Trail Description

The Beara Breifne Way Walk Day 4, Glengarriff to Gougane Barra, Distance 28.5Km, Height Gained 900 Metres, Time 8hr. Highlight Italian Gardens on Garnish Island.He also recognized the potential economic and tourism impact the project could have for communities along the route. The project could not have been undertaken without the kind permission of, the four hundred plus landowners along the route who facilitated it’s development, by granting permissive access through their property.

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