Looped walk | 11.11 km | Co. Donegal | Hard walk

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Looped walk | 11.11 km | Co. Donegal | Hard walk

Donegal Ards Forest Park

Looped walk | 8.23 km | Co. Donegal | Moderate walk

Mount Errigal

Not looped | 2.68 km | Co. Donegal | Hard walk

Trail Description

This is a popular walk with walkers. There are a few different path's on offer this one being the longest. This really is beautiful forest walk. There are a number of features worth checking out such as a mass rock, holy well, Standing stones and two giant stone wheels which may have been used for grounding flax. Oak, popular, silver fir, beach, Scots pine, Lawson cypress, european larch and sweet chestnut tree's are abundant on this trail.

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