Bray to Greystones

Looped walk | 16.50 km | Co. Wicklow | Moderate walk | Public Transport

Created by Shanks Mare

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Trail Description

A medium length walk that incorporates the cliff walk for part of its route. The objective is to get from Bray to Greystones and back. Start from Bray Dart station and head up to the cross on top of bray head. From there you will see an inviting trail heading south along the top of the head - follow it until you come to a point where it starts to head west. Scramble down here and head down to windgates. From here you can head back to Bray via the familiar Cliff path walk or continue on down to Greystones. On the way back keep to the cliff walk back to Bray. If the legs are too tired for the return then the dart is available from Greystones station. Total time is about 3.5 - 4 hours. The top of bray head is a far more attractive and interesting experience then the more familiar cliff walk espcially as few people except locals seem to know about it. Transport - 1. Darts at Bray and Greystones. 2. Public and free car park near the harbour bar at Bray. 3. Various buses from Dublin.

Trail Comments

Be Careful - "Scramble down" is over rocks and you may need to sit down to get down safely. When you see the next town Greystones and the path/road swings right-this is the point you "scramble down" over the rocks to get on a very small trail through grass which leads you to the lower cliff walk. Keep to the right at the end of the trail or you will need to scramble again. The trail meets a path, take a left down hill till you are on the lower walk - left for Bray. Enjoy!.

Posted by kpbryww on October 3rd, 2014 - 06:57:46

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