From Lough Tay to Lough Dan and round

Looped walk | 16.23 km | Co. Wicklow | Moderate walk

Trail Description

Starting at a Parkplace above Lough Tay walk down to the river Cloghoge. follow a stone wall and a path along the meadows up to a deserted house at Lough Dan. Then follow a path along the end of the lake. At the other side you see a sand bank. Then follow a route through a swampy area marked bij sticks which brings you at a place where you can cross the river Inchavore. Tehn throug the meadow to a path up hill to mount Crone from where you can follow a hikingtrail that leeds to the public road. Then follow the Wicklow way partly through meadows and partly through woodland until you come to the startingpoint above Lough Tay

Trail Comments

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