Ventry to Lake at Mount Eagle (Sliabh an Iolair)

Not looped | 5.18 km | Co. Kerry | Hard walk | Public Transport

Trail Description

This walk starts from the beach at Ventry - but equally you can walk along the road - personally though I take any excuse to walk on this strand. Cross over the river and go up by O'Shea's bar and across the road, take the first left and then a right and continue past the homes along here. Please be mindful of the homeowners - there maybe some holiday folk here but there are also many locals. Continue up the trail to the lake, you will know you are getting close as you see the mobile towers. Have a look around the lake - there are quite a few interesting things to see here. This is also a good launching point to continue up to the summit of Mount Eagle - another day though. If you do decide to go up to the summit be sure to watch your step - but again views are well worth this trip. Remember your packed lunch as well - once you leave O'Shea's behind you and the corner shop you are on your own.

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